Groundwater Recharge 

Monitoring Flooding at Pecan Orchard

Monitoring of continuous flooding at a pecan orchard for 1.5 months

Diversion Pump

Pumps and engines were connected to piping to pull water from the diversion canal to capture water from the James Bypass and divert onto agricultural fields for dual purposes: irrigation and recharge. 

Created conveyance systems for flood recharge management and crop irrigation as an alternative to groundwater pumping

Divert flood water from the Russian River to landowners

Modelling  potential Nitrate Leaching risks from groundwater recharge within the Tulare Hydrologic Region 

Testing On-Farm Flood Capture and Recharge at an Almond Orchard

Monitoring water levels at Mark West Creek, adjacent to recharge at vineyard

Monitoring Recharge on almond, grape, walnut, and pistachio fields at seven locations in the San Joaquin Valley