Philip Bachand, Ph.D.


University of California, Davis

B.S Mechanical Engineering with Honors - 1984

University of California, Berkeley

M.S Civil and Environmental Engineering - 1992

Ph.D Civil and Environmental Engineering - 1996


Phil Bachand has been involved in applied experimental research on water resources issues relating to agriculture, wetlands, stormwater and other similar environments since 1992. He has been a principal in projects focused on a wide range of water quality (e.g. nutrients, dissolved organic carbon, disinfection byproducts, mercury), hydrologic and related issues. During that time he has developed technical expertise in surface and subsurface water quality and water resources issues related to nutrients, dissolved organic carbon, mercury and toxicity; carbon sequestration and carbon farming; engineering and economic assessments; conceptual design; data management; integrative data analyses utilizing a variety of statistical, engineering and modeling tools; and outreach. His deep technical background has enabled him to approach environmental challenges from the perspective of developing sustainable, defensible and scientifically-based solutions. He has degrees both in mechanical engineering and civil and environmental engineering. He is founder and president of Bachand & Associates.