Best Management Practices

Monitoring water levels at Mark West Creek, adjacent to recharge at vineyard

Monitoring Recharge on almond, grape, walnut, and pistachio fields at seven locations in the San Joaquin Valley

Monitoring Flooding at Pecan Orchard

Monitoring of continuous flooding at a pecan orchard for 1.5 months

Assessing management practices for reducing nutrient and particle loads in Lake Tahoe 

Comparing Irrigation Systems to Reduce Groundwater Consumption in Sierra Valley

Monitoring surface water hydrology and constituent loads to develop Management Practices for Delta Wetlands

Assessing Management Practices to Mitigate Water Quality Conditions in the Suisun Marsh

Diversion Pump

Pumps and engines were connected to piping to pull water from the diversion canal to capture water from the James Bypass and divert onto agricultural fields for dual purposes: irrigation and recharge. 

Collaborating with dairy farmers to develop Best Management Practices for nutrient cycling and reduction of groundwater contamination

Monitoring surface water quality and constituent transport to identify farm best management practices

Monitoring water quality effects of growing rice in the Delta