Working with the Environment

Fundamental environmental, biogeochemical and hydrologic processes provide high value to people. We strive to enhance and leverage those processes in developing targeted and innovative environmental solutions. We work to understand these processes through fundamental applied research which includes the design and implementation of field studies and the review of data and results available in the scientific literature.

Maximizing Data Value

Environmental data sets are complicated and subtle. We integrate a broad range of diverse environmental data using project designed databases that allow us to more effectively analyze data and develop results under a changing landscape

Two Way Outreach

We work with our partners and agencies through outreach that both seeks to explain and present our findings but also seeks to listen and understand the fundamental opportunities and constraints associated with investigated agricultural and environmental systems.

Defensible & Available

Our work is done to high standards and our projects are scrutinized during the implementation through technical and professional advisory committees. When possible, the results are stored in the public domain searchable through Google and other search engines. We are actively publishing our findings and results in the scientific literature.