Statement of Qualifications

Bachand & Associates is a small applied science water resources and environmental engineering firm. We work extensively in semi-natural systems such as agricultural, wetland and stormwater systems where a holistic understanding of natural processes and their interactions is critical to developing feasible, pragmatic and effective solutions.

Bachand & Associates was founded in 2003 by Philip Bachand, Ph.D. and Sandra Madsen Bachand, M.S., PE. Our firm focuses on developing solutions in the area of water quality and water resources managements, especially as they apply to semi-natural systems, through conducting applied science investigations and applying those solutions through engineering and outreach. We collaborate broadly with governmental, university, non-profit and business organizations in these projects and through this approach work to develop innovative and sustainable designs and management solutions. Many of our projects are competitively awarded through competitive California and federal nonpoint, drinking water, water quality and related environmental science and engineering programs. For many of these projects, Bachand & Associates developed the concept, organized the project team, authored the proposals, and served as the technical lead or project manager.

Our technical expertise ranges from environmental and geotechnical engineering, to on-site water resources monitoring and field studies, to outreach programs. Our projects are oftentimes multi-year and multi-disciplinary, integrating expertise of numerous state, federal and local governmental organizations, universities, non-profits and businesses. Environmental and agricultural issues addressed by these projects are wide and include nutrient, organic carbon and disinfection byproduct precursor cycling, export and management in agricultural systems; protecting surface and ground- water resources; assessing greenhouse gas emissions from terrestrial and aquatic cropping systems; mercury issues associated with aquatic cropping systems; and management and design approaches and considerations from farm to watershed scale. At Bachand & Associates, we are committed to finding innovative, sustainable and pragmatic solutions for northern California’s growing water resources management issues.

Bachand & Associates is located in Davis, CA and is a registered small business in the State of California (#41762).