Bachand & Associates is an applied science water resources and en­vironmental engineering firm working  extensively in semi-natural systems such as agricultural, wetland and stormwater systems.

We focus on develop­ing innovative designs and management prac­tices for Northern California’s growing water resources management issues through developing and implementing innovative applied science and engineering investigations focused on funda­mentally understanding cultural, envi­ronmental, biogeochemical and hy­drologic processes and issues.  In these investigations, we collaborate with a broad range of private, non-profit, educational and local, state and fed­eral organizations in developing solu­tions.  We have exten­sive exper­tise in the broad range of technical tools required to develop and implement these projects; develop, assess, manage and interpret these environmental data sets; integrate findings with available published literature; and provide understandable and useful recommendations that target holistic and sustainable solutions.. 

Bachand & Associates is located in Davis, CA. We can be contacted at 530.758.1336 or email philip@bachandassociates.com.